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The Importance Of Home Pest Control In Charleston

Published by Anchor Environmental on April 7, 2023
The Importance Of Home Pest Control In Charleston

Your home is so much more than just a house. It’s where you should feel the most relaxed, safe, and at peace. But when pests get indoors, your home ceases to be any of those things and instead, becomes a source of stress. With regular and reliable pest control however, you can resolve surprise infestations quickly and even prevent them from happening altogether.

Why Is Pest Control Needed In Charleston

The Charleston weather is hot and humid, which brings in all sorts of bugs. From mosquitoes to roaches, there are plenty of pests to go around. So why do you need home pest control in Charleston? Let’s find out!

DIY Methods Are Not Always Effective

While we here at Anchor Environmental applaud the DIY spirit, home pest control is best left to the pros. Simply put, the average homeowner can’t be expected to have the training and experience that a professional exterminator brings to the job. This can lead to misidentification of harmful pests, improper use of potentially dangerous products, and at the very least, frustratingly ineffectual and inconsistent results.

Health Risks

Did you know that skipping dependable, professional pest control can have both direct and indirect impacts on your health? A few of the leading reasons include:


As if a pest infestation wasn’t bad enough already, certain home invaders can expose your loved ones to disease! Rodents are chief among the sickness-spreading pests, carrying diseases like Hantavirus, Typhus, and even Bubonic Plague. However, ticks, mosquitoes, and fleas are also well known for spreading West Nile Virus, Lyme Disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, and Zika Virus, amongst many others. All of this is to say that, when not properly managed, even a small pest infestation can have dramatic consequences for your loved ones’ health and wellbeing.


While they don’t get as much attention as pest-borne diseases, the allergies that nuisance pests can trigger are even more common. Cockroaches in particular are a significant source of household allergens and can even trigger asthma. Worse still, children are typically the most susceptible to cockroach allergies. And given that an estimated 63% of American households contain cockroach-related allergen triggers (usually saliva, feces or shed body parts), proper pest control is a must.

Damage To Your Property

Unwanted residential pests don’t only impact your health but can cause serious damage to your home as well. Termites are the most famous example of an insect which can cause significant structural damage to your house. They are directly responsible for more than $5 billion in repair costs each year. Given that most homeowners don’t have the tools or the know-how to detect termites until it’s too late, enlisting the help of an expert can save you some serious money in both the short and long term.

Termites however, aren’t alone when it comes to their ability to harm your home. Rodents, carpenter bees, and carpenter ants are all known to damage wooden fixtures and their activity can be equally challenging to detect.

Keep Your Food and Water Safe

It probably comes as little surprise that invasive pests can contaminate both food and water. After all, most pests come into your home in search of food to begin with. Whether we’re talking about mice and rats (which contaminate an estimated 20% of the global food supply each year), ants, or cockroaches, even properly-stored foodstuffs can be vulnerable. While getting rid of them as quickly as you can will limit the damage pests can do, even a brief infestation can still result in you having to discard hundreds of dollars worth of food. So hiring a professional pest control company to keep them from getting inside to begin with is both the safest and financially-sound option.

Improper use of DIY pest control products can be equally as contaminating to food and water as an infestation. For example, indiscriminately applying an ant spray in and around your kitchen can leave toxic residue on any surfaces the spray touches, leaving both food and beverages unsafe to consume. A properly-trained exterminator however, will follow carefully-laid out procedures to avoid this happening at all and will likely have access to higher-quality and even non-toxic products.

Benefits Of Professional Pest Control In Charleston

So we now know why you shouldn’t attempt to handle pest control on your own. But why should you look to a professional pest control company?

Get Customized Pest Control Treatments

No two pest infestations are exactly alike, a fact that a skilled exterminator working for a quality pest control company will have a thorough understanding of. Having received proper training and bringing years of hands-on experience with them, they’ll be able to create a personalized approach to resolving your home’s infestation. Despite what over-the-counter pest control products would have you believe, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach where bugs are concerned. With a trained professional working for you though, you’ll receive treatments designed to meet your needs every time.

Professionals Can Use The Most Effective Products

We’ve touched on it before but it bears repeating: a professional pest control company simply has access to products that most homeowners do not. The home pest control market is awash with seemingly varied traps and sprays, most of which are just rebranded versions of one another. But a licensed and certified commercial outfit has, for lack of a better way to put it, the good stuff. And if swiftly resolving an infestation is your goal, nothing short of the very best products will do.

Peace Of Mind

There’s no fixed idea of what peace of mind means. However, we’ve never met the homeowner who finds their peace of mind surrounded by nuisance bugs. A pest infestation is never a pleasant experience but having a reliable professional on your side is the quickest and most foolproof way to bring it to a fast conclusion. The sooner you’re back in control of your home, the more relaxed and at peace you’ll feel. That, among so many other things, is what professional pest control can give you.

Contact Anchor Environmental

With more than 30 years of experience to our name, a bevy of awards, accolades, and certification, flexible service, and a dedication to seeing the job through, we at Anchor Environmental are the ideal candidate to get rid of bugs in your home. Better still, you can get started with a free quote when you get in touch with us today! Don’t let bugs stay comfortable in your home for another moment and instead, let your local experts give you back the pest-free home that you deserveContact us today to discuss your pest control options.

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