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Rodent Exclusions

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Rodent Exclusions in Charleston, SC.

Are mice taking up residence in your Charleston home? Call 843-906-9457 to schedule reliable rodent exclusions.

Small disease-carrying rodents can find ways to enter your home and snack on your food. The scratching sounds, droppings, and darting movements all point to signs that these unwanted visitors now live inside your property. While some homeowners try to set up mouse traps and apply rodent-killing solutions, the problem may still persist and lead to frustration, so contact Anchor Environmental for professional solutions.

What Are Rodent Exclusions?

Rodents find their way into your home through any means possible, including small cracks, crevices, utility lines, and gaps in your windows, doorways, foundation, and exterior. Rodent exclusions involve identifying where rodents enter a property and restricting access to these spaces. They will have a harder time getting in and, when coupled with elimination services, will not bother your home anymore. Continue reading to learn what you can expect from our full rodent and pest control process:

  • Rodent Inspection: We will first examine your property and note any potential entry points for pests, including doors, windows, attics, and small crevices. We also provide a no-obligation estimate based on our findings.
  • Rodent Exclusion: Our staff cuts off access to entry areas with wire, wool, and other resources. We also trim tree branches.
  • Rodent Elimination: We lay safe and effective traps, use multiple methods to eliminate the rodents, and clean up.

We’ll perform a final check after removing all rodents to ensure they are truly gone and that we didn’t miss anything. We offer same-day service appointments and a money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with our work for any reason. Our team also can provide you with a free estimate.

How To Reduce Rodents Entering Your Home

You can take multiple preventative measures to stop rodent infestations. Mice, rats, and other rodents will get into your home or commercial building if they find ideal conditions that encourage them to stay. Let’s review some tips to keep rodents and their diseases out of your property:

  • Deny access to food and water sources for rodents by properly storing your food and dumping out freestanding water. They will realize that they can no longer find any resources for themselves. Do not leave any bags or containers open, as this allows them to feed.
  • Securely seal your doors, windows, cracks, and attic vents to prevent rodents from entering.
  • Trim long tree branches and keep your yard clean. Rodents can use long tree limbs to climb onto your roof and get into your home. Additionally, yards with tall grass, clutter, and big leaf piles make ideal hiding spaces for rodents, so don’t give them the opportunity.
  • Keep your attic, basement, and crawl spaces moisture free and clean.

Despite doing everything right, you still might experience a rodent infestation. So contacting a professional pest control team can help eliminate the bothersome critters once and for all. We understand rodent behavior and how to skillfully get these pests out of your living space

Why Do You Need Anchor Environmental’s Rodent Exclusion Services?

Pest infestation is not easy to tackle alone, especially when you lack the professional resources and knowledge necessary to remove unwanted guests. Unfortunately, rodents commonly appear in Charleston, SC, because the downtown area is bustling and full of life. Rodents find their way into stores, homes, and other buildings, and occupants call on us to swiftly and efficiently get them out for good.

Trying to remove pests yourself might sound like a good idea, but it can actually make things worse. You might save money by applying a rodent-killing solution, but what happens when it works? The bodies will, unfortunately, have a foul smell and can attract flies and other pests, so DIY is a no-go.

Benefits of Rodent Exclusion

You’ll experience several advantages when you book rodent exclusions in the Charleston area. Having a reputable and professional team on your side means the difference between a constant rodent problem and a pest-free property. Consider these compelling reasons why you should consider scheduling Anchor Environmental’s rodent exclusions service:

  • Prevent damage to your home or commercial property
  • Save money on DIY efforts and chemicals that may not work
  • Receive advice from pest control professionals with years of expertise
  • Remove pests safely and without foul odors or messy methods
  • Avoid the diseases rodents carry and a contaminated water supply

Contact Charleston’s Pest Control Experts for Rodent Exclusions

You deserve to feel safe and secure in your home or commercial business without unwanted rodents. Don’t let small animals run wild on your property! Call Anchor Environmental today at 843-906-9457 for rodent exclusions or fill out our online form to receive a free estimate.

Your friendly local pest control experts at Anchor Environmental are here to help with all of your Rodent Exclusions needs in Charleston, SC. To get started, give us a call at 843-906-9457 or fill out our online service request form.

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